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Koblenz All Purpose Wet Dry Purple/Yellow/Grey

Koblenz All Purpose Wet Dry Purple/Yellow/Grey
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Description & Specs

Koblenz Introduces the All New Wet/Dry Power Vac for Her.

More effective than stick vacs, and great for all the tasks not suited for regular vacs.

Lightweight & easy to use
- Versatile, picks up both wet and dry debris
- Includes a strong air blower feature.

So you dont have to go out to the garage to get your husband's shop-vac to clean up that wet sticky mess you just made in the kitchen.   You bring it in the house and turn it on and Wham!!! “What is that smell?”  “Why is dust blowing out all over the house?”

Not any more. . .   Finally a shop-vac that you can use for both wet and dry. It’s not black, red, or orange; plus it is made with you in mind.

  • High impact construction,
  • 3 gallon tank capacity,
  • picks-up liquids and dry materials,
  • air blower,
  • 18 ft  cord,
  • tool caddy,
  • 2 extension wands,
  • 7 ft hose with positive lock and elbow,
  • 1 combination floor tool,
  • 1 pick-up tool,
  • 1 inflator nozzle. 

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