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Electrolux Brush Motor

Electrolux Brush Motor
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Description & Specs

Electrolux Canister and Upright Power Brush Motor

Part Numbers 54343-1 and 54343-6

Fits the following Electrolux, Sanitaire, Eureka and Beam Model Numbers:
The trailing letter series in the model numbers represents "type" 
Example: 3982B is Model #3982 Type B
3982B 3987B
6810A 6810B 6810D 6810D-1 6825A 6826A 6826A1 6831A 6833A 6840A 6841A 6841A-1 6851A 6852A 6852A-2 6852AN 6855A 6856A 6856B 6856B-1 6856D 6856D-1 6856D-2 6858A 6859A 6865A 6865B 6865D 6865E 6865E-1 6865E-2 6866A 6867A 6870A 6872A 6873A 6874A 6875A 6876A 6877A 6877B-1 6877B-2 6878A 6878A-1 6878A-2 6890A 6890B 6891A 6891AV 6892A 6892B 6892B-1 6975A 6975B 6978A 6978B 6978B-1 6978B-2 6980A 6982 6982B 6982D 6990A 6992A 6993B 6993B-1 6996A 6997A 6999A 69A 8281B 8281D 8287B 8289B 8296B
BM1195B BM1386A BM1386B
E1383FA4 E1383W E1386J E1393EZS
GE6850 HP6855A NT1166D-1 SC6484DT SE6981A SP6951A SP6952A

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