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Electrolux Nimble Motors

Electrolux Nimble Motors

Electrolux Motors for Nimble Uprights

The Nimble has two motors, one is the suction motor and one is the brush motor. 

Please select the motor you require below.

Vacuum Blower Motor
Vacuum Blower Motor
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Electrolux Nimble Vacuum and Blower Motor

This genuine Electrolux motor fits the following models:EL8602A, EL8602A-1, EL8602A-2, EL8602AZ, EL8605A, EL8605A-1, EL8702A, EL8802A, EL8805A, EL8807A, EL8811AX, EL8812AX, EL8902A, EL8905A, EL8905AZ, EL8907A

The trailing letter in the model number is located on next to the model identified as "code"
Price: $70.99

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