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Hoover S Bags HEPA Filtration 4010806S 4010808S

Hoover S Bags HEPA Filtration 4010806S
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Description & Specs
Hoover Type S HEPA Filtration Bags 4010806S
For all Hoover Canister cleaners using type S bags.
All Windtunnel Canisters.
HEPA bags trap 99. 98% of all particles the pass through the bag, down to 0. 3 microns.
Traps 100% of dust mites and their eggs.
Traps 99. 98% of ragweed and common Grass Pollens.
Filters a wide range of airborne particles, including many pollens and cat dander, spores and other allergens.
Electrostatically charged liner enhances the capture of extremely fine particles Ideal for many with allergic or dust related discomforts.
If you have allergies these bags are a must.

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