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Miele XL 16 in Twister Floor Brush for S4000 and S5000

Miele Floor Brush for S4000 and S5000
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Description & Specs
NEW Miele's High maneuverable Hard Surface Floor Brush has just made your house keeping easier.

Miele's SBB 400-3 XL is ideal for large areas.  The 16" Cleaning path drastically speeds up your cleaning time.

The SBB400-3 is perfect for Vinyl, Natural Wood, Parquet and other high quality flooring.

• Specifically designed for Miele S4000 and S5000 series canisters with Miele’s exclusive Park System.
• Fits all Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners but will not park on all of them.
• The maneuverability of this attachment is astronomical.
• Get under beds, sofas, or tables with ease. Slip it beside toilets, plant stands, or any other areas of your home that used to require small attachments to fit.
• The super wide mouth on this attachment makes clogging a thing of the past.
• Ideal for pet owners

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