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Rada Baking Stoneware

Baking Stones

Professional bakeries have used brick lined ovens to produce superior quality baked foods for centuries. Today, Rada Cutlery Stoneware allows you to also experience professional results – as if you were baking in a brick oven.

5 Reasons You Will Enjoy Your Stoneware
Superior Baking
Rada Cutlery Stoneware absorbs heat to maintain an even baking temperature so you can experience superior results. You can now achieve light and fluffy cakes, juicy roasts, flaky pie crusts and more! The textured surface produces pizzeria-type crusts, perfectly baked cookies and light biscuits.
Freezer to Oven
Rada Cutlery Stoneware can go directly from the freezer to a pre-heated 400 degree oven without cracking the stoneware. Now you can prepare recipes ahead of time!
No Pre-Use Seasoning Required
The new & improved formulation requires no pre-use seasoning - simply rinse in warm water and towel dry. In fact, no oil or cooking spray is ever required as Rada Cutlery Stoneware has been developed to be non-stick!
Dishwater Safe!
Unlike most other brands of stoneware, our stoneware is dishwasher safe! This is possible because our proprietary clay mixture and manufacturing process minimizes moisture absorption.
Three Year Warranty
Rada Mfg. Co. will replace Rada Cutlery Stoneware returned to us for defects in material, construction or workmanship under normal and appropriate care. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from misuse, abuse or accidents.

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