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Miele Elecric Hose Assy for S2000 Series

Miele Elecric Hose Assy for S2000 Series
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Description & Specs

Miele SES116 Electric Hose

The Miele SES116 Electric Hose is used with the S2 Electric Series vacuums. This hose works with the following Miele canister vacuum cleaner:

S2180 Titan
S2120 Delphi

This hose uses the SET220 replacement wands.

This hose is the replacement of part# 07370390

Hose Test: Because of the rigorous testing they go through, Miele hoses are among the best in the world. Every single production lot goes through countless bend and stretch tests. To test the endurance of the hose, the hose, a Miele vacuum plus an additional 5kg(11 lbs) is stretched thousands of times. Passing this test undamaged is necessary to be included in the Miele lineup of products.

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