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Bissell Style 7, 9 HEPA Filter

Bissell Style 7, 9 HEPA Filter
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Description & Specs
Bissell HEPA Media Filter Final Filter(Style 7, 9)

Fits Bissell’s Powerglide, Cleanview, and PowerTrak vacuum cleaner models.

Designed to reduce the amount of allergens within an indoor space, this filter captures up to 99. 9 percent of dust mites, pollens, and ragweed.

Fits: Bissell CleanView/Power Trak Revolution 3595/3596/6591 Series. Bissell CleanViewII 3574/3576 Series Bissell CleanView 3575/3590/8975/8990 Series Bissell CleanView Power Trak 3591/3593/3594/6590 Series Bissell PowerForce 3522 Series Bissell PowerGlide / Power Trak 3545/6592 Series

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