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Bissell Circular Filter Assy 2037593

Bissell Easy Vac Circular Filter Assy
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Description & Specs

Bissell Circular Filter Includes inner and outer components 

This part works with the following products:
Easy Vac® Vacuum 23T7, 23T74, 23T77, 23T7E, 23T7F, 23T7G, 23T7K, 23T7P, 23T7P , 23T7Q, 23T7T, 23T7U, 23T7W, 23T7Y
PowerForce® Compact Vacuum 23T7V, 23T75, 23T76, 23T78, 23T7L, 23T7M, 23T7N, 23T7R, 23T7X, 23T7Z

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