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Eureka EF-6 Airspeed Filter

Eureka EF-6 Airspeed Filter
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Description & Specs
Eureka Airspeed HEPA Filter
Manufactured by Envirocare Technologies

One filter per package

Fits the following Models (The trailing letters in the model number arefound under "Type" on the label)
AS1000A, AS1001A, AS1001AE, AS1002A, AS1004A, AS1004A-1, AS1008AX, AS1041A, AS1049A, AS1050A, AS1051A, AS1053AX, AS1055AX, AS1061A, AS1092A, AS1101A, AS1101A-1, AS1101B, AS1104AX, ASM1025A, ASM1026A, ASM1035A, ASM1036A, ASM1066A, ASM1075A, ASM1076A, ASM1085A, ASM1086A, ASM1106A, ASM1155A, ASM1156A, AUAS1000A, SAAS1000A, UKAS1000A, UKAS1010A

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