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Lindhaus Neutrolux Cleaner

Lindhaus Neutrolux Cleaner

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Neutrolux Pure Power by Lindhaus

Neutrolux is a modern combination of synthetic detergents and emulsifiers, which provide multipurpose cleaning of most any floor surface.  This product will safely and completely perform all cleaning jobs from light cleaning to removal of greasy soils.  A wide range of flexibility allows this product to be used on any surface not
harmed by water.  This is a non foaming, nonstripping multi-purpose cleaner that also rinses freely and conditions the floor as it cleans.  It contains no acids, abrasives, or strong alkalis.  Regular use keeps floors looking clean and
bright and prolongs finish. Built in de-foamer prevents unknown substances such as spilled detergents from foaming and causing motor damage.  Neutrolux lubricates and protects the pump, is super concentrated and can be diluted as high as 1 ounce per gallon. This product is completely biodegradable and will not contaminate streams or septic tanks.

32 fl oz.

Great on 
Ceramic, cork, laminate, linoleum, marble, painted Concrete, Quarry Tile, Rubber, Tile, Wood, Vinyl

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1. on 7/26/2019, said:
This is an awesome cleaner that I use with my Lindhaus floor cleaner! Not sure how I lived without this fabulous floor cleaning machine before!
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