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Miele S7 U1 Upright Rear Facia Cover

Miele S7 U1 Upright Rear Facia Cover

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Miele Rear Facia Cover

Fits all Miele upright S7000 and U1 series Vacuum Cleaners
Includes exterior fixed cover and inside movable cover.
Fits the following

Dynamic U1 Auto Eco
Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog
Dynamic U1 HomeCare
Dynamic U1 Jazz
Dynamic U1 Limited Edition
Dynamic U1 Maverick
Dynamic U1 Salsa
Dynamic U1 Twist
S7210 Twist
S7260 Cat & Dog
S7280 Calypso
S7280 Fresh Air
S7280 Jazz
S7280 Salsa
S7580 AutoEco
S7580 Bolero
S7580 HomeCare
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