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Miele Style FJM Dust Bags Case Lot of 4 Free Shipping

Miele Style FJM AirClean Dust Bags Case Lot of 4
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Description & Specs

Miele Style FJM Bags Case of 4 Packages Free Shipping

Replaces the old FJM Intensive Clean and HyClean Dust Bags

Fits all Miele Vacuums that use type F, J, or M Dust Bags.
AirClean vacuum bags are used with the following Miele vacuums: S4000-S4999, S6000-S6999, S700-S768S, S500-S578, S300i-S399, S290-S291, S241-S256i.
Kit includes 4 boxes (packages) of 4 bags.  That's 16 individual bags.
Each package includes 4 Air Clean bags, one motor filter, and one super air clean filter.  That is 16 bags, 4 motor filters and 4 super air clean filters.
The 9 Stage layered special fabric of this dustbag has many advantages

  • 20% longer suction performance.
  • 15% improved filtration.
  • Impact foil preventing sharp-edged objects, such as pine needles, glass and sand from penetrating the bag.
  • Automatic dustbag closure for hygienic removal and disposal.

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