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Bona MicroPlus Dusting Pad

Bona MicroPlus Dusting Pad
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Description & Specs
Micofiber Floor Dusting Pad

Revolutionary microfiber threads attract and absorb dirt and microparticles.

Use dry on Hardwood & Hard Surface Floors.
Super Electrostatic Action
- Picks up pet hair, dust, microparticles and common household allergens.
- Featuring the original Starfiber
- Fits 4"x15" Mops
- Reusable and washable up to 300 times
- More eco friendly than disposable systems.

The Bona Emvironmental Choice System is a trademark of BonaKemi USA, Inc. which represents products and systems for each step of the hardwood floor finishing process. These products meet or exceed all state and federal clean air quality standards and reflect our commitment to personal health, indoor air quality and the environment.

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