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Hoover T Series Non Stretch Belts

Hoover T Series Non Stretch Belts
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Description & Specs

Hoover T Series Non-Stretch Belts

Belt Part Number 562289001

For Hoover WIndtunnel T-Series MODELS: 

UH70140, UH70200, UH7020RM UH70202, UH70205, UH70210, UH70210PDI, UH70211, UH70212, UH70130, UH70215, UH30300, UH70240, UH70241, UH70600, UH70601, UH70602, UH70603, UH70604, UH70605, UH70607, UH70608, UH70700, UH70900, UH70900CDI, UH70901PC, UH70901RM, UH70905, UH70905DI, UH70909, UH70930, UH70930CA, UH70930FDI, UH70930MDI, UH70931PC, UH70935, UH70939,  

UH71209, UH71209RM, UH71214, UH71215, UH71215DI

UH72600, UH702600RM, UH702600WCA, UH72600W

UH30302, UH30308, UH30310, UH30310B, UH30600,  

2 Belts per package

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